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Insurance law is the name given to practices of law surrounding insurance, including insurance policies and claims.

Regulation on the insurance industry via law began in the 1940s in the United States, through several supreme court rulings. The first ruling on insurance had taken place in 1868 (in the Paul v. Virginia ruling, with the supreme court ruling that insurance policy contracts were not in themselves commercial contracts. This stance did not change until 1944 (in the United States v. South-Eastern Underwriters Association ruling , when the Supreme court upheld a ruling stating that policies were commercial, and thus were regulatable as other similar contracts were.

Nowadays, many countries - and states in the United States - regulate insurance companies through laws, guidelines and independent commissions and regulatory bodies. These laws and statutes ensure that the policy holder is protected against bad faith claims on the insurers part, that premiums are not unduly high (or fixed), and that contracts and policies issued meet a minimum standard.

A bad faith action may constitute several possibilities; the insurer denies a claim which is seemingly valid in the contract or policy, the insurer refuses to pay out for an unreasonable amount of time, the insurer lays the burden of proof on the insured - often in the case where the claim is unprovable. Other issues of insurance law may arise when price fixing occurs between insurers, creating an unfair competitive environment for consumers. A notable example of this is where Zurich Financial Services - along with several other insurers - inflated policy prices in an anti-competitive fashion. If an insurer is found to be guilty of fraud or deception, they can be fined either by regulatory bodies, or in a lawsuit by the insured or surrounding party. In more severe cases, or if the party has had a series of complaints or rulings, the insurers license may be revoked or suspended.

In the case that an insurer declares bankruptcy, many countries operate independent services and regulation to ensure as little financial hardship is incurred as possible (National Association of Insurance Commissioners operates such a service in the United States.

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950 Northgate Dr # 307, San Rafael, CA 415 479-0455

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4302 Redwood Hwy # 100, San Rafael, CA 415 492-9800

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810 E St, San Rafael, CA 415 453-1008

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Lisa L Landey
51 Jewell St, San Rafael, CA 415 453-3315

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1120 Nye St # 250, San Rafael, CA 415 258-9064

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Basil Plastiras
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1000 4th St # 875, San Rafael, CA 415 459-2000
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