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A Marketing consultant

sometimes known as a adviser, advisor, counselor or mentor, is a professional who provides expert advice in a  particular area of expertise such marketing or advertising. If you are familiar with what marketing is you will see where a marketing consultant will come in handy.

The main difference between a consultant and a 'normal' expert is that the consultant is not himself employed with his client, but instead is in business for himself or for a consultancy firm, usually with multiple and changing clients. Thus, his clients have access to deeper levels of expertise than would be feasible for them to retain in-house, especially if the specialty is needed comparatively rarely. It is generally accepted good corporate governance to hire consultants as a check to the Principal-Agent problem.

Often a consultant provides expertise to clients who require a particular type of knowledge or service for a specific period of time, thus providing an economy to the client. In other situations, companies implementing a major project may need additional experienced staff to assist with increased work during that period.

Sometimes a consultant is not an independent agent but is a partner or an employee of a consultancy, that is a company that provides consultants to clients on a larger scale or in multiple, though usually related, skill areas. This has advantages both to the client and to the consultant by:



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Bear Flag Marketing
1300 Grant Ave # 203, Novato, CA 415 899-8466

Broadcaster Inc
100 Rowland Way # 3rd, Novato, CA 415 878-4000

Guy Esberg & Co
12 Vista Ln, San Anselmo, CA 415 456-8709

Kevin Bartram Sponsorship
360 Ignacio Blvd, Novato, CA 415 382-4300

Net Leap Marketing Ctr
17 Bryan Dr, Novato, CA 415 225-5788

Pinson Communications Group
35 San Carlos Way, Novato, CA 415 209-9885

1683 Novato Blvd, Novato, CA 415 898-6452

Wonderlady Productions
400 S Palm Dr, Novato, CA 415 883-4773

Providing a pool of talent that can be quickly mobilized as required
Reassuring the client about the quality of the consultants supplied
Giving the client access to the experience and methodologies of the whole consultancy rather than an individual
Introducing the consultant to new experiences and techniques which may, eventually, permeate through the consultancy as a whole
A consultant giving career advice and training to an individual or a team is often termed a coach, and a consultant assisting an organization to develop a new strategy or solve a particular problem is sometimes referred to as a facilitator.

Strategy consultants are common in upper management in many industries. There are also independent consultants who act as interim executives with decision-making power under corporate policies or statutes. They may sit on specially constituted boards or committees.
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