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An air ambulance is an aircraft used for emergency medical assistance in situations where either a traditional ambulance cannot easily or quickly reach the  scene or the patient needs to be repositioned at a distance where air transportation is most practical. Air ambulance crews are supplied with equipment that enables them to provide medical treatment to a critically injured or ill patient. Common equipment for air ambulances includes respirators, medication, an ECG and monitoring unit, CPR equipment, and stretchers.









Air ambulance Services provide emergency services in Fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters  equipped for air transport of patients.  Also see Ambulance Services and Hospitals

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AAA Advanced Air Ambulance
24 hours 7 day Service
Sonoma County Airport,
Sonoma, Ca. 95476  800 633-3590
Aaaems Accredited Air Ambulance
Emergency Medical Services and Worldwide Medical Transport Inc 800 558-5387
REACH Air Ambulance  
5010 Flight Line Dr, Santa Rosa, CA  800 622-4045
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