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The process of a Home remodeling or renovation, however complex, can usually be broken down into several processes.

They are:

Structural repair

In many cities around North America and the world, real estate prices are climbing. Many popular TV shows in North America involve renovations or home make-overs. As a result of these factors, the Home Remodeling market has thrived in many major cities and suburban centres around the world. Pop culture and investment opportunity have inspired people to better their homes and, in turn, assist in raising neighborhood property values.

Big box stores and Remodeling Contractors and Repairing Contractors becoming larger companies due to the increase in the desire for renovations.








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Critical Path Planning
50 Sandy Creek Way, Larkspur, CA 415 261-0202

Marin Home Remodeling Ctr
546 Magnolia Ave, Larkspur, CA 415 924-8415

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