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Foundation Contractors are generally structural engineers, work for or lay foundations using the plans of structural engineers

A foundation is a structure that transfers loads to the earth.

Foundations are designed to have an adequate load capacity with limited settlement by a geotechnical engineer, and the foundation itself is designed structurally by a structural engineer.

The primary design concerns are settlement and bearing capacity. When considering settlement, total settlement and differential settlement is normally considered. Differential settlement is when one part of a foundation settles more than another part. This can cause problems to the structure the foundation is supporting. It is necessary that a foundation is not loaded beyond its bearing capacity or the foundation will "fail".

Other design considerations include scour and frost heave. Scour is when flowing water removes supporting soil from around a foundation (like a pier supporting a bridge over a river). Frost heave occurs when water in the ground freezes to form ice lenses.



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Wanegar Engineering Co.  415 847-1503  Email

Proudly serving Marin for 18yrs.  We provide Drainage, Drilling Retaining Walls  Excavation, Foundations, Underground Utilities, Sewer & Septic, Water-proofing Driveway Removal & Replace,  Concrete & Pavers, Water Cisterns ...


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Bay Concrete Construction Inc
Mill Valley, CA 415 388-7003 

Boesel Design & Construction
35 Deer Park Ln, Fairfax, CA 415 456-4605

Brent Harris Engineering
50 La Cuesta Ave, Lagunitas, CA 415 488-1433

David Hoffmire Construction
767 Lincoln Ave, San Rafael, CA 415 454-4440

Dennis Webb Construction
160 Caribe Isle, Novato, CA 415 505-3562

Hughes Structural Inc
San Rafael, CA 415 454-9172

James W Josephs & Co
231 Laurel Ave, San Anselmo, CA 415 454-8499

PAPCO Foundation Contractr
647 Glenwood Ave, Mill Valley, CA 415 389-1888

RWR Construction
200 Gary Pl, San Rafael, CA 415 457-5658

Soil Engineering Constr Inc
110 Belvedere St, San Rafael, CA 415 459-5550

Sonoma-Marin Construction Co
275 Water St, Petaluma, CA 707 763-6981

Thomas H Lutge Structural Engr
Greenbrae, CA 415 461-1872

Tim Ford Construction
PO Box 2732, San Rafael, CA 415 454-6163

Under Construction
PO Box 403, Larkspur, CA 415 924-5444

Valentine Corp
111 Pelican Way, San Rafael, CA 415 453-3732
Changes in soil moisture can cause expansive clay to swell and shrink. This swelling can vary across the footing due to seasonal changes or the effects of vegetation removing moisture. The variation in swell can cause the soil to distort, cracking the structure over it. This is a particular problem for house footings in semi-arid climates such as South Australia, Southwestern US, Turkey, Israel, Iran and South Africa where wet winters are followed by hot dry summers. Raft slabs with inherent stiffness have been developed in Australia with capabilities to resist this movement.

When structures are built in areas of permafrost, special consideration must be given to the thermal effect the structure will have on the permafrost. Generally, the structure is designed in a way that tries to prevent the permafrost from melting.

Foundations are generally broken into two categories: shallow foundations and deep foundations.
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