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Wood burning stoves or pellet stoves are relatively versatile appliances. Most pellet

 stoves are self-igniting and cycle themselves on and off controlled by a thermostat. Stoves with automatic ignition can be equipped with remote controls. Recent innovations have created computer systems within pellet stoves which run diagnostic tests if an imminent problem arises.

A properly cleaned and maintained pellet stove should not create creosote, the sticky, flammable substance that causes chimney fires. Pellets burn very cleanly and create only a layer of fine fly-ash as a byproduct of combustion. The grade of pellet fuel affects the performance and ash output. Premium grade pellets produce less than one percent ash content, while standard or low grade pellets produce a range from two to four percent ash. Pellet stove users should be aware of the extra maintenance required with a lower grade pellet, and that inconsistent wood quality can cause serious effects to the electronic machinery over a short period of time.


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Buck Stoves Pools & Spas 
225 W College Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 707 527-7277

Creative Energy
3815 Redwood Hwy # A, San Rafael, CA 415 472-7727

Hearth & Home of Marin Inc
902 Lincoln Ave, San Rafael, CA 415 479-2876

London Fireplace & Chimney Svc
267 Shoreline Hwy, Mill Valley, CA 415 380-0336

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