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Prefabricated building

 is a type of building that consists of several factory-built units that are assembled on-site to complete the unit.

The term 'prefabricated' may refer to buildings built in modules (modular homes) or transportable sections (manufactured homes), and may also be used to refer to mobile homes. Although similar in nature, the methods and design of the three can vary wildly. There are two-level home plans, as well as custom home plans.

Modular homes are homes that are created in sections, and then transported to the home site for construction and installation. These are typically installed and treated like a regular house, for both financing and construction purposes, and are usually the most expensive of the three. Although the sections of the house are prefabricated, the sections, or modules, are put together at the construction much like a typical home.
Manufactured homes refer to homes that are built onto steel beams, and are transported in complete sections to the home site, where they are assembled.
Mobile homes are, quite simply, mobile homes; that is, homes built on wheels, that are able to be moved from place to place.
Mobile homes and manufactured homes can be placed in mobile home parks, and manufactured homes can also be placed on private land, providing the land is appropriately zoned for manufactured homes.


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