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Photographing without permission
In the United States,

anything visible ("in plain view") from a public area can be legally photographed. This includes buildings and facilities, people, signage, notices and images. It is not uncommon for security personnel to use intimidation or other tactics to attempt to stop the photographer from photographing their facilities (trying to prevent, e.g., industrial espionage); however, there is no legal precedent to prevent the photographer so long as the image being photographed is in plain view from a public area.

In recent years, some building owners have claimed a copyright on the appearance of their building; such landmarks as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Pittsburgh's PPG Place, etc. United States copyright law, however, explicitly exempts the appearance of standing buildings from copyright protection. See United States Code, Title 17, Chapter 1, 120.a.


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Custom Image Sonoma *   707 935-3191  707 935-3191  Email
Chris & Jules Berggren have been perfecting their photographic skills since
1992. This dynamic husband & wife team invite you to view more of their work on their website or at their studio  in Sonoma. Specializing in wedding & event photography, they offer a full range of photographic services.
812 West Napa Street, Sonoma, Ca 95476

 Imagine your favorite photo in sketch, watercolor or oil painting!
Oh,My God! Isn't that so fabulous! - Lisa Rinna, SoapTalk on ABC television

Don Carson Photographer
PO Box 416, Bolinas, CA 415 868-2108

In general, one cannot publish someone's image to endorse a product or service without first acquiring a "model release," which is usually a contract between the publisher or photographer and the subject.
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